Yay! It’s that time again! Time for something new and exciting.

Well, maybe not so new and exciting. A few weeks ago, my blog existed for 2 years! What did I do with it those 2 years? Not so much. I gave it a little rebirth 2 months ago and now it’s still going!

You had a blog?

Well, at first my blog was for me to rant about my art and projects and such. Didn’t exactly work out. That stuff belongs on my portfolio.

So when I decided to incorporate one of my passions in my work, my deceased blog felt like the right place to put it! What’s that you ask? Of course, it is Witchcraft! After all, I changed my slogan to “Art & Witchery”!


Okay, so I realized a lot of people have no idea what being a witch means these days. I always explain to people what it means to me when they ask, but really, I feel this is more a rather see than tell kind of thing that helps you understand.

Sharing my knowledge, how little that may be, can be helpful for myself, for starting witches, and for people who simply want to know more about it. I do have a bit on my story on becoming a witch on my blog as well, and have gotten replies to it from people that could really relate to it! Simply knowing that makes me so happy, that’s why I share!

So what do you do there?

My blog is where I get to share all those good witchy things that I love so much. I wrote a blog about getting started with Tarot, what to do with which phase of the moon, things like that. I also share book reviews according to what I found to be helpful and what not, to help those out who might need it.

It’s not a huge source of knowledge YET! I’m working hard so it can be just that. I really want to focus on how people can incorporate this part of themselves into their own lives. So that’s what I have dedicated these sections too!


So these are the topics I (am going to) talk about on my blog:

  • The Tarot Lair – Reading them as well as reviews!
  • The Bookshelf – Book reviews!
  • Astrology – What are the current transits / Moon phases and how can I use astrology myself.
  • Tips & tricks – devided into parts:
    • Tarot – How to read tarot using different spreads
    • Crafty – How to your own make tools
    • Mundane Magick – How to work magick into your daily life, the little simple things.
  • Wallpapers – My free monthly Moon wallpapers that help you stay in touch with the moon!

SO! That’s a lot. I really hope my content there will be helpful for the people I have in mind, or just nice for others to read and see and understand what it is I do. What it means to be a witch to me.

So, will I see you on my blog in the near future? I certainly hope so! No more hiding for me!

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