Oh school, you help us create so many amazing things with your fictional clients and creative assignments.
This time for practice, we had to make a book and an app prototype filed with 4 recipes, because our project at the time was themed with restaurants.
Let me just say, I made it Vegan-Tastic.

The assignment

We had to come up with a concept, audience and find the recipes ourselves. Then we were supposed to make all that into a 4 recipe course/meal to be shared in both book form and an app. Because we are educated to become designers, not programmers, we were required to make the app as a prototype in either Adobe XD or through MarvelApp (or some other prototyping website). Personally, I chose for Adobe XD. Below you can see the Style Tile I made for my product.

Why Vegan-Tastic? I was thinking about an occult and witchcraft community when I made this and thought, why not make it for those spiritual witchy people! People in this group are often vegetarian (I am myself), vegan or prefer biological things over regular. I decided to go with vegan recipes, also to prove how good and tasty those can be, with variation tips for those people who do want meat or something else that would work with the recipe.

So it is Vegan-Fantastic, but I also tied it to the witchcraft or pagan sabbaths. Those are holidays that celebrate the change of seasons, and some other deity related things. That is THE time of year those people like to gather and enjoy a feast together. Perfect moment to enjoy some good food using a book or app.


Vegan-Tastic     style tile – cookbook and app


The Endproduct

The end products I made I was really proud of. I loved working on the prototype, but I do sometimes struggle with text in designs.
Definitely, something I can work on a bit more next time! But I must say, I’m very happy with how it turned out and how they fit together.

The book I wanted to have a hardcover with gold embossing to make it stand out and show how special it is. After all, it’s not going to be a Sabbath every day. I also wanted it to be ring bound to make it easier to use in the kitchen, I simulated this with a little illustration in the print below.

Wanna see the PDF? check it out here.

For the app I designed I recommend you take a look here at the prototype, or below for a couple of screenshots.

So let’s be honest… This was Vegan-Tastic!

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