Maybe you knew, maybe you didn’t, but I am a huge fan of games, game art and design and mods. Now I’m no mastermind at modding when it comes to codes but doing recolors or remaking maps in tIDE (don’t worry if you don’t know what that is) that’s something I can figure out. I’ll tell you a bit about the game first before telling you more about the mod. You can skip all that of course.

Stardew Valley

If you don’t know what Stardew Valley is then here’s a short description.
Stardew Valley is a farming simulator game developed by Concerned Ape and Chucklefish. It has a very charming pixel art style and combines taking care of crops with making friends and helping out in the community. It is available on PC as well as several consoles like Xbox and Switch.

Like many others, I’m a big fan of Stardew Valley. If you know a little bit about games then you could say it’s a lot like Nintendo’s Harvest Moon. This game was also what inspired the creator, Concerned Ape, to make Stardew Valley. Everything that he didn’t like or missed in the HM games he added to Stardew Valley, to make it a better experience for himself.

Now at the start of the game, you can customise your character and pick one of 5 farm layouts. Every layout focuses on a different aspect of the game:
Standard, which gives you the most space to work on your farm;
Mining, which gives you the option to work on the mining skills early in the game and lets you find ore on your farm;
Fishing, this farm gives you a lot of water in the layout that helps you work on your fishing skill more;
Foraging, this one lets you find more wild growing items as well as more hardwood, a type that’s rarer in the game;
Combat, this layout spawns monsters at night which adds a little more action if you prefer that.

The Mod

Now I’m a Macbook user, so that means you run into problems. Programs that for example only work on Windows etc. But despite all that I got something to work and damn it was fun to do.

Now, this is mod that I made changes the layout of the farm map to a different one, one that I designed and made myself. For this, I dissected the Mining Farm layout file, opened it in tIDE and let the magick happen. I had first sketched out a design that I thought would fit best.

Memory Farm

So my mod is called Memory Farm. It lets you pick between 4 similar designs all with their own special thing going on.

The first image below is how I initially designed it. While making the map I decided to add a river coming out of a cave. Being based off of the Mining map I decided to leave the quarry there where you can mine ore.

Some things I kept in mind:

  • To the North of the map, the area get’s more hills in the surroundings so I added this to the layout.
  • To the South, there is a forest area so I decided to add a more forest-like feel around the edges.
  • In the top left corner, there’s a shrine of your deceased Grandfather, I decided to make this a little special area where you plant flowers if you’d like.
  • There’s a secret pathway in the strip of the forest below the pond for those lucky to find it.

If you want to use this mod check out the page at Nexus Mods:

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