There we are again with a lovely school project, this time featuring a client from Chilli from the island Isla Guacamayo.
This school project was done in a team of 5, 2 third-year students and 3 second-year students. I’m a third-year of course.

First things first, this was a great project with a lot of freedom to create in. For this I made the following products:
A logo, website animation, icons and a map of the island. All of which were illustrated by myself.
I’ll be sharing a bit of process and the final pieces with Y’all.



Isla Guacamayo

As I said, the client is from Chilli, a Spanish-speaking country. Our contact was with Tania Deocares, whose familie purchased Isla Guacamayo. She does speak Dutch, so there was not much of a language barrier between us and the client. However, they did want their products to be in both English and Spanish.

Good thing English comes easy enough for me.

The island itself hasn’t been a property of her and her family for long, so there isn’t much there yet to use in branding and designs. Buildings have yet to be built, activities yet to be thought of, so we also got the freedom to think of possibilities and activities for on the island. Then there’s the name. The “Guacamayo” is a parrot that used to live on the island, therefore being named after it. Currently, this bird can’t be seen on the island anymore, but they decided to keep its name due to its history. Nowadays the water surrounding the island are filled with black-necked swans.


The Process

Our idea was to give a bit of a pathfinder/scouting sort of look and feel to the place and the designs, focussing on nature and what it has to offer. A couple of the already decided activities were hiking, cycling and sailing so that already tied in with exploring nature. It was also meant to attract families with children but also companies for team building activities. After collecting lots of Pinterest images and sketches we went to design the products, below you can see some of my processes as well as the Pinterest board.


The final pieces

Let’s start off with the logo. Because the island is named after the parrot, Guacamayo, we decided to use itself and its colors in our designs.

I first illustrated to logo below on the right, but after having finished it I decided it might be a bit much for certain products it would have to be used on. I did, however, love the illustrated part of the design and how it really gave that island feeling. The scene could even be swapped out with a different one if need be. But again, for things like letter paper and such, it would be way too crowded. That’s when I made design 1. It was simple enough not to be too distracting, as well as playful and colorful and maintaining the same elements.



In the last week before out end presentation, our client told us they wanted the parrot gone in our designs. For the simple reason that it didn’t live or appear on the island anymore. They rather we replaced it with the black-necked swans. We discussed it with teachers and within our group and came to the conclusion that replacing the parrot with a swan would be very bad communication for an island that was basically named “island parrot”. We then decided to just get rid of it for an alternative logo, due to the little we had left to come up with a solution. Even our teachers agreed that it was too short notice to change it entirely.

Apart from this issue I still think it isn’t too bad without the parrot in it. I do prefer it with it, but it isn’t the end of the world to me.



Then there is the website animation that I made.

This animation was supposed to be used as the websites banner and function as an endless loop. Portraying both an island-like scene as well as the logo, giving enough attention to both aspects of it. Because it is an endless loop I had to figure out a way to loop it nicely. This I did by making a fade in from white at the start, and a fade out to white at the end. This makes a seamless transition.



Last but not least there’s the map and icons derived from it. I first decided on an illustrated map to tie in with my other products, and then started portraying all the different options and activities on the island with small illustrations. I wanted them to be very straightforward, so you wouldn’t necessarily need a legend. These small illustrations I then turned into a shield-like icon, referencing the logo shape, to be used on products like folders and websites.



I’m very happy with all the products I made for Isla Guacamayo, and I got very nice feedback on it from my teachers which made me very proud of all my hard work. I know I always tend to take on too much work, which was the case with this project as well, but I know that in the end, I will deliver it with the quality that I expected it to be. I couldn’t be more grateful to have so much freedom during this project and I can’t wait for the next one to come.

During this project I improved the following skills regarding: tablet use in Illustrator; creating short, interesting and seamless animation loops in After Effects; and exporting .gif files.

After Effects


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