My first project of my third year Media Design was a fictional assignment for Ingeburgerd Zwolle.

We were supposed to come up with a campaign for a local restaurant to fill up the restaurant in the last week of January. For this, I came up with my campaign: Meat and Greet.

Ingeburgerd Zwolle

Ingeburgerd is a Dutch burger restaurant, specialized in organic burgers. Their menu is filled with silly word puns, as ingeburgerd means “settling in/naturalized” and burger can mean both “burger” and “citizen” in Dutch. Anyway, I’m not going to explain all their puns. Just know they are there.

Of course, I had to do something with puns in my campaign. English terms are hot among the people here, especially ones that are a lot online. So I came up with the name: Meat and Greet.

Meat and Greet

“Meat and Greet” was supposed to be the event of the year where you could combine enjoying those tasty burgers with meeting the people behind the product. Think of the butcher, the chef, and the farmer. The moment to enjoy an experience together with friends and learn more about exactly how organic their product is.


Of course, every concept starts with sketches, and I decided to add a couple of them here for you to see more of my process.


I ended up making the following products:

A poster to be hung in bus stops, on billboards or spread through the city center.
Reviving the Instagram profile of the company by using this campaign with a couple premade images and reposting images from followers during the event.
A Facebook post to share the event on their big Facebook following, they are very active there.
And last but not least a web environment for the event with a reservation screen and an e-ticket which would be sent to friends you invite.

The website I designed in Adobe XD so you can find it here if you wanna flip through.

Again all dutch text but you can just try to navigate and see all the things I took into consideration during the design process. I also put in a lot of feedback parts when information would be missing before sending out the reservation.

What’s special about my website reservation form is that you get the option to send an invitation to your friends, the amount depending on the number of people you put your reservation up for. They will get an “invited” email with the info on your reservation.

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