My first paying job was for the kid’s show: Just Sing!

When my boyfriend told me someone was looking for a logo design for a show I thought, “This is it, my first job, outside of my family, and possibly paying!”. Needless to say, I got in touch as soon as I could to say I was more than willing to do the work. This happened during my Summer break so I was happy to have most of my free time being spent on something I love to do.

Just Sing! Logo design

Early logo design of the Just Sing! logo.

Just Sing!

Just Sing!  is a children’s show where children can sing their favorite songs together on stage. The key parts are having fun, working together, and of course, singing! The audience is young children, so the focus had to be on simple shapes, primary colors, and a playful look.

After I got in touch, presented my sketches and after we went through a few stages, there it was, the final design.
With a high contrast look, cell shading, a funky font, stars to add that moment of shine, and 2 microphones connected to symbolize the singing together, the logo had come to its final form.

Just Sing! Final Logo

Final Logo design for Just Sing! With an added 3D look to several elements.

Unique Communication

All communication with the client, Michelle Connolly, went through email as she was over in Ireland, and I was at home in the Netherlands. This is where I’m forever grateful to have my boyfriend being Irish, helping me to get my international connections started.

During our email conversations, I’d sent a presentation with what I did, why and what came out of that step. I covered my inspiration, elements, silhouette shape building and color picking. Every time I’d ask for feedback and then cover my response to the given feedback in the next presentation.

Michelle was very happy with how I presented my progress on her logo that she called it unique in the field. I’m very happy to have given her such a nice and complete experience.


Michelle was kind enough to write me a testimonial to present to you here!

“Testimonial for Shea Groot Roessink, of Attitude Rains
I approach Shea of Attitude Rains when I needed a logo for a new kids show I was setting up. There
were lots of elements to take into account; of course, I wanted it to represent the core essence and
elements of the show, and to appeal to kids and also to adults. I also had clear ideas about the
colours to be used, yet I wanted it to ‘feel’ different to the logo of another kids business I run.
I was really impressed with the amount of thought she gave to each element and how she laid out
this thought process, guiding me through the stages from the concept through to the finished logo.
She took all my comments on board and gave me lots of ideas and options around these.
I was very happy and will definitely use her services in the near future.
Michelle Connolly, Founder and Just, Dublin, Ireland.”


During this project, I’ve improved some of my skills! Check the see which:



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