During my internship at Eigenz, there were a couple of bigger projects. One of them was making an animation for the Salvage Foundation, an organisation that offers help in cases of fire, water, and storm damage. We made this animation for on their website, as a way to inform on what it is they do for the victims of these cases.

Stichting Salvage | animation from eigenz animaties on Vimeo.

My colleague and mentor at Eigenz, Chantal Santema, made the artwork, which I afterward edited to be able to animate, as well as the entire animation itself.
I used multiple techniques on this, the puppet tool, DUIK plugin, alpha layers etc. all nice Adobe After Effects stuff.

Other than this, I worked on the projects Salland PresentationEigenz Style Animations and Cityguide Promotion.


Of course, my skills have evolved during my internship so below you can see my experience at the start and end of my internship.

My Skills at the start of my internship at Eigenz:

My Skills at the end of my internship at Eigenz:

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