One of my biggest projects at Breedbeeld was working for Fish&Chips XL, a fish restaurant in Germany near the border of the Netherlands. They specialize in Dutch fish dishes, and when they couldn’t use their cart any longer they decided to make the switch to a building.

That’s where I came in.

The Building

When I came to Breedbeeld they had already started the project but the owner didn’t like the first design made for the restaurant. We had to build everything from the ground up, as they weren’t planning on using their old branding.

During this entire project, I also worked a lot with the other intern Jorn van Til, I will mention him where it was a joined result.

So I made a logo, among other things (which you can see on the side here).

I decided on colors, style, images, and the end design, with the help of my colleagues of course. The logo exists out of the text, but the scales at the top are part of the branding where appropriate. The overall color scheme is also present in the image.

I got to talk directly to the people who would be in charge of the signing of the building through email, as well as the owner of the company. below is an image of the end result of the design for the building.

Overall am VERY proud of what I managed to create for this project.

The Menu

Together with Jorn, I worked on the menu for the company. This is where we both learned the importance of double, maybe even triple checking all the information stated within.

Either way, this was something neither of us had worked on before so we learned A LOT. Even though it was a first the end result looked very neat, if I say so myself.

Sidenote, the images used in all projects were free sourced or bought for this project, we did not make these ourselves.
The Website

With the website, it was mostly just further applying the brand style within a WordPress website. We did run into some technical difficulties, some of which were easily resolved. Initially I worked on this with Jorn as well, but in the end, it came down on me.

Click on the image below to go to the website.
In the end, I also worked on a couple of smaller projects for this same client, but these 3 are most noteworthy. Overall I am very proud of what I ended up creating and I’m sure that my internship is proud as well.


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