I’m here to talk about my latest project, which I am very excited about, Lavera, Princess of the Northern Sea.

Lavera is a graphic 

novel/comic written and illustrated by me (or at least the couple of pages that are done at the moment hahaha) and is about a young mermaid princess, named Lavera.

About Lavera

Lavera is a brave and curious girl, who doesn’t like the pressure being a princess brings with it. That’s why she’s happy to have her friend Sterbert by her side. Together they try to find a solution to the problems of the kingdom, but there’s a twist. After all, not everything is what it seems to be.

All the characters in the story are based on people in my everyday life, especially my friends! So I might include some character sheets every now and then with a little bit of information on them!

When it’s finished I hope to be able to have it printed, after all, nothing feels better than to have your own work sitting in a bookcase for others to show.

Where can I find it?

It is on Tapastic, but I’m currently looking into a way to get my high-resolution files out there! Wanna get a little taste of what’s it going to be like? The first couple pages are up right now!

I’m planning on uploading once a week or every two weeks, probably on Sunday, but with school and my current internship, it might not always be possible for me to do that. So If there’s a large time gap between pages then my apologies, but I’d rather keep my sanity.

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