Club Cele was the second project I got during my second year Media Design at CIBAP. We were put into groups like we were a design studio in which we had to make an audiovisual product. I’m not too happy with working in groups most of the time due to bad experiences BUT our team named ONS (us), worked out much better than I at first imagined.

Club Cele – Cultural Gathering

Club Cele is a place where people discuss cultural subjects that tie in with the everyday society. They have set themes for every meet-up, which is once a week on Tuesday evenings.

Made Product

Below you will see the products I made for this project. I had to work together with another student for this. While neither of us was fond of filming or good at it, we did agree that this was best suited for the club. There’s also a little bit of animation in there, which is more my cup of tea. We both edited and animated a half each of the end product just so our teachers could grade us more easily.

I did have to help Sander out a bit regarding the animation part as he had never really done it before or knew how to do whatever it was we wanted to do. Great way for me to have a bit more of a challenge by helping him out.

Afterward, I think some of the animation could get a little more polishing, the footage wasn’t filmed at the best day and wasn’t edited too great BUT it ended up well enough to get our message across. We both learned a lot during this project.

The Team

Like I said I didn’t have the best experiences with working in groups. Though this time it worked out quite well. We got compliments on how all our final products followed the same style and really felt like a whole.

Our communication went quite well, which was something I was afraid of to go wrong. I’m very much an organizer and planner kind of person so I took that role on me. Where we had 3 leader type of people in our group of 6, me being one of them as well, things could get a little intense along the way. Good thing that didn’t stop us from making amazing products for our client.

Please mind most of my projects are for use in the Netherlands and therefore in Dutch. For more projects check out my Portfolio page.

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