For my third year at CIBAP, I got to work for the school itself, along with 2 other students Shera van Hoven and Tijl Driegen. Our job assignment was to create an animation to be used to educate the students on what to do when searching for an internship.


During the project I was in charge of the following things:
Client communication, Storyboard, Illustrating, and final editing.
Shera and Tijl did the script writing and animating while I would create the next scenes, and helped find appropriate sound effects.


Since this was a project as a part of a class, we only had a specific timeframe in school to work on it together. So in the end, I decided that I alone would spend one week before my internship started solely on the animation since a remaining 5 scenes still had to be fully animated and edited together. My team rather the project would be passed on to a new team of students but at this point, the illustrations and work put in by me and my team meant so much to me, I felt it was my duty to finish it, even if it meant all by myself. Knowing I am pretty all-around with animating I was confident I could pull it off. It ended up being done in time for the next presentation on the internship period and was well received by the school team as well as the students.

Even tho it’s now nearly a year ago, I still get compliments on the video by my teachers (They frequently use it when educating the students on the internship period) which makes me feel so proud and confident in my abilities as illustrator and animator, it’s amazing to feel so appreciated for your hard work.

Below you can see some extra things made for the project by myself.


Character Cobalt created specifically for an androgynous, alternative look that would fit the creative students at CIBAP.

CIBAP BPV storyboard

Part of the storyboard created. Layout/Design/Illustrations done by me.


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