Hello and welcome, I am Shea, which is short for Shayna Lynn. I am 21 years old and I study Media Design at CIBAP, which is an art school in the Netherlands.

I would describe myself as a very creative person who strives to be original, inspiring and inventive. I really want my work to mean or do something for others! That’s one of the reasons why I like media design. Your work actually helps people and their business to another level.

SO! Want to see my CV? Check out these links: In Dutch and in English.
Want to know more about my skills? Take a look further below! I’ll first tell you some more about myself.

That Attitude

Shea Cityguide DeventerWhy do I say Attitude? Well, your attitude is the first thing people notice, it’s the way you act or talk to people. Are you respectful or rude? Or maybe active or passive? Whatever it is, your attitude is very important and can be quite changeable.

I think of myself as respectful, creative, honest and a bit eccentric. In the right ways of course. I believe respect needs to be earned BUT you can’t expect to be treated respectfully when you’re not being respectful, to begin with. Anyway, I also think this attitude of mine shows in my work. You could call it part of my style. It doesn’t necessarily have to be my own attitude that shines through. It could also be the clients, which is even better!

My interests?

Everyone has weird interests. I’m not gonna lie, I do too! Why do I want to cover them a bit? Because one’s interests always influence the work you make. For example, since I really like games, I occasionally make character concept art, write stories or build fantasy worlds.

While I like to spend most my time making art (from sketching to sculpting to crocheting, and don’t forget the digital stuff), I’m also a big Nintendo nerd with interests like Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter, but I’m also very interested in the occult, witchcraft in particular. No surprise, I actually am a witch. See it as a sort of religion and lifestyle mixed together. So don’t be surprised when you see my witchy Moon calendars/wallpapers! Also, don’t worry. I won’t curse you or anything, I prefer to keep karma on my side. (This is also the reason behind “Rains” in my nickname. Rain can be a very powerful or calming thing which I think is quite fitting)

I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts or YouTube tutorials while making art or studying. I don’t game as much as I used to, I do it mostly on public transport on my way to school or work, or on the way home. I prefer to immerse myself in art subjects and fantasy worlds through all sorts of mediums, preferably games, books, comics and artwork. I think they help me come up with great ideas and strengthen my imagination.

Basically, I’m a bit weird and proud of that. That’s what makes me stand out from the rest.

My skills & Toolkit

skills and toolkit

So everyone has a set of skills or a toolkit of sorts, those skills are needed to do a specific job.
I thought it would be nice to add a section where I keep track of my Skills and Toolkit. I’ll keep these up to date and add and remove things so this will all stay relevant to what I do. After all, practice makes perfect and you never know what kind of new things you’ll learn. I’m of studious mind anyway, I’ll never stop learning new things!

If you wanna see my skills put to use check out my Portfolio page.

I decided to split the two subjects up. In a way, my skills are tied to my tools, but there’s also a separate aspect to them. I like being organized and can be a little obsessive about it though.

My Skills:
Planning & Organizing
Making and Drinking Tea

The tea is a joke of course… I also make great coffee and hot choco.

My Toolkit:

As a student Media Design, you expect me to know quite a bit about the Adobe programs like Photoshop etc. While I don’t just use Adobe software, there’s not much else that I use apart from occasionally C4D. I do switch between Photoshop and Clip Studio for my illustrations and comics and sometimes use Clip for my frame-by-frame animatics.

After Effects
Premiere Pro
Clip Studio Paint