Welcome to my humble Portfolio

Okay, maybe not that humble but I swear you won't regret taking a peak.

Art & Design

You'll be able to find all kinds of illustrations and graphic design in my portfolio, and don't forget the animations I did as well! Let it inspire you for what YOU want to do, thinking outside the box is not limited to artists and designers.

Coffee, Tea & Witchery

Wanna have a chat to talk things through?
Feel free to contact me to have a cup of coffee or tea together! If you wanna read some more witchy things yourself check out my blog.
P.S. Don't worry this won't curse you.

Witchy Webshop

Every day is your birthday if that means you will treat yourself with some of my amazing art or witchy tools. But really, on my etsy I focus on providing tools for you to feel like a badass witch whether you are one or not (yet).

 What is Attitude Rains?

Hey, I’m Shea, the person behind Attitude Rains. I’m 21 years old and come from Overijssel, the Netherlands.
Here I study Media Design at Cibap, in Zwolle, specialising in graphic design and 2D animation. Also, I’ve been a practicing witch half my life and proud to have been working with people alike.

Attitude Rains stands for 2 big things that I feel represent me the best.

Attitude is partially how we are perceived, and mine is very sensitive, stubborn and honest. Not everyone can appreciate this, but I’ve come to accept that this is the attitude that serves me and my work, and I’ll try to uncover YOUR attitude when making work for you.

Rain can be so different, it represents to me my sensitivity, my creative flow, and my personal power (as a witch). I can be calm like a gentle rain shower or as powerful as a thunderstorm. 

Attitude Rains is where my creative flow connects to my path as a witch.

Portfolio Preview

A little taste of my attitude... Err, I mean work!

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact me for any cool project you need help with or just for some mutual contact.

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